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Car Rear View Camera Intelligent electronic Rearview Mirror WiFi Wireless Reverse HD 150 Degree Night Vision Car Rear View Camera

Image pixel: 1.2 million pixels
Viewing angle: 125 ~ 150
Minimum illumination: 2.0Lu / F1.2
Transmission power: 80mW
Power supply: DC 12V
Night vision distance: 5 ~ 10M
Waterproof level: IP66
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Color: Car Rear View Camera Intelligent electronic Rearview Mirror WiFi Wireless Reverse HD 150 Degree Night Vision Car Rear View Camera

Car Rear View Camera intelligent electronic rearview mirror WiFi Wireless Reverse HD 150 Degree Night Vision Backup Camera

F-Car is the best smart car product, which can be installed in front, back, left and right of the blind area, to achieve safe driving. Widely used in cars, trucks, motor homes,trailers, buses, trucks, engineering vehicles and other vehicles.

●  Simple installation, low cost implementation of intelligent visual astern.         ●  The U.S. imports H. 264 chips with clear and smooth images.
●  High power WIFI module, strong signal, long transmission distance.

main parameters
Transmission mode: Wi-Fi digital signal
Video compression: H.264
Antenna Specifications: Omnidirectional
Transmission distance: 30-50 meters
Working temperature: -10 °C ~ + 50 °C / -4F~ + 122F
Storage temperature: -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C / -4F ~ + 140F
Working humidity: 85% RH
Sensitized chipset: CMOS
Image pixels: 1.2 million pixels
Angle of view: 125~150
Minimum illumination: 2.0Lu / F1.2
Transmission power: 80mW
Power: DC 12V
Night vision distance: 5~10M
Waterproof rating: IP66
Fixed mode: drill type and special type, ode type
Receiver: Any Android system with Wi-Fi mode

main functions
●Intelligent video recording function
Video recording and video sharing functions can be achieved by connecting smart devices with WIFI of the camera
● Functions of the intelligent electronic rearview mirror
Through the device end to watch in real time, after entering the rear view video, you can watch in real time. View the reason behind the vehicle and view from the whole perspective
● Intelligent forward-looking functions
It can be installed in front, rear, left and right visual blind area, and the software can be opened for real-time monitoring.

Download the application.
● Scanning and downloading qr codes; Open the scan window and scan the qr code of the product manual.
● Search for download
Apple devices enter the APP Srore search; F - Car  download
Android devices go into Google play search; F - Car  download

Use skills
● Terminal interface icon

●  Android device use; After connecting to the WIFI of F-Car SSID, the APP video will pop up automatically. When 4G network is needed, click exit, and the connection between F-Car and the software background will be automatically disconnected.
●IOS old system usage
1. After software installation, set static IP; Connect to F-Car name WIFI, 
2. enter the WIFI setting interface, remember the two lines of Numbers under "DHCP" (IP address. Subnet mask), click "static" here, and fill the two lines of Numbers under the static button (IP address. Subnet mask).      
3. Click back to set successful. Static IP can be set to realize simultaneous communication between WIFI and 4G without affecting the phone's Internet access.

●New IOS system system usage;
 1 Find F-Car name WiFi.
 2 Remember in the IPV4 address bar; IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router, these three lines of Numbers. 
3 Click "Configure IP", select "Manual", fill in the following three rows of Numbers in the bottom, click save.

Product installation (very important, please read carefully)
1. First, turn off the on-board power supply, and it is strictly prohibited to power the camera without a good connection.
2.Determine the installation position of vehicle camera. (there are two installation methods)
● In the first installation method, select the position of the camera and place the power cord flat in the car. Adjust your viewing Angle, connect two power connectors, plug in the cigarette lighter, and press the switch.
● The second installation method, cut open cigarette lighter switch position of the wire, red and black two wire. Red power cord is connected to ACC power supply 12V+ positive position of vehicle fuse box. Black power cord is connected to negative GND wire harness of vehicle, which can be used when starting the vehicle.
3.Connect the power cord to the correct position, adjust the best Angle of view, and fix the support with 3M adhesive.
6. Troubleshooting
1. No image
Make sure the camera is connected correctly, open the WIFI list on your phone, and see if you can find the F-Car hotspot generated by the camera.
2. Background operation
You need to turn on the phone Settings and set it to run in the background.

Product list:
Camera, ,screw, extension cord, specification, 3M adhesiv
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